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  1. Managing Director
    Gypsy Enchantment Shawl by Sandy Terp: Just Our Yarn has very generously given me permission to sell the "gypsy Enchantment" shawl I designed for them some years ago. It calls for 250 grams of lace weight yarn. Large Pattern Booklet - $20
  2. Managing Director
    The Way We Were Scarf by Sandy Terp: The Way We Were is a scarf with a cable that somes together and then separates as it curves from one side to the other and back through two lace patterns. The theme is taken from the song done by Barbara Streisand. This is for the adventurous knitters. It calls for less than 2 skeins of lace weight yarn. I used "water-green" Lace by Malabrigo. Pattern Booklet: $15
  3. Managing Director
    Every Woman Has A Secret Garden Pattern by Sandy Terp: The theme is based on the Bruce Springsteen song. For me, it tells of the impossibility of any one really knowing all that is in a woman's heart. The construction is 37 hexagons with 25 of them containing garter st sections that form a path around and through garden motifs in the remaining sections and hexagons. I used a heavy lace-weight yarn (about 2000 yards) but the size of the hexagons can easily be changed to accommodate a different weight yarn. All the patterns are charted. Large Pattern Booklet - $20
  4. Managing Director
    Three Times A Lady Shawl Pattern by Sandy Terp : This shawl is named "Three Three Times A Lady Shawl by Sandy Terp: after the Lionel Richie song and the symbolism represents the three phases of a woman's life. The construction is the three-triangle method I have developed. The basic shape is a triangle that has an unfinished bottom point. From a practical point of view, this eliminates the awkward long point. Symbolically it shows unfinished or unrealized parts of a woman’s life. Spiral Bound, 20 pages, 2007 $20
  5. Managing Director
    Autumn Exuberance Shawl by Sandy Terp: A fall flower with multiple rounds of petals is symbolic of that time in a woman's life when she comes into her own with a new zest for life. The kids are grown, career established, social life routine and a beautiful exuberance for life blooms. Lace weight yarn, #2 needles, this pattern is for adventurous intermediates. Bonus matching doll shawl, "Winter Garden" to be done in a finer yarn. Pattern $20 "Exuberance is Beauty" - William Blake.
  6. Managing Director
    Days of Wine and Roses Shawl by Sandy Terp: This new original shawl design is done with the shaping I call “And the Band Played On”, which alternates the direction of the knitting from out and around to knit-on insertion/edging. So much fun! The theme for the stitch patterns is built around the words of the song. I did the model in Dolce’, a bamboo and Merino, very fine yarn. After the initial square in the center, which is 1/5 the desired size, actual stitch count is automatic. $20
  7. Managing Director
    Cape Cod Dunes Shawl by Sandy Terp: On a rugged New England beach we enjoy seclusion and the roar of the ocean. In this shawl's delicate stitches you will find the treasures of the beach; soft sand, dune flowers, curious bits of the sea, smooth stones and beautiful shells. This original shawl pattern comes with a doll size version as well as the adult size version. $20.
  8. Managing Director
    The Great Cosmos Shawl Pattern by Sandy Terp: My design is called "Cosmos" because the Italian doily design I adapted for the center reminded me of the milky way. This pattern is constructed from the center out; it starts with a "larger than circular" center, then squares out and finally has rounded corners. When folded it makes a butterfly shape that sits beautifully on your shoulders. You will like this and you will learn a new and wonderful shawl construction. Spiral Bound, 11 pages, 2003 $20
  9. Managing Director
    Lace Sampler Scarf by Sandy Terp: This sampler was adapted from one found in a box of patterns that came with a long out of print book, "American Needlework" by Rose Wilder Lane and the editors of Woman's Day. The lace patterns are very basic - - classic ones really, and easy to do. I've provided the original directions as well as my re-written directions and charts. Spiral Bound, 29 pages, 1990 $10
  10. Managing Director
    Frost Diamonds Scarf by Sandy Terp: This scarf is done with the modified Russian shawl technique. The pattern is a sampler of traditional Russian patterns worked within five diamonds. Spiral Bound, 14 pages, 2001 $15
  11. Managing Director
    Handfast Wedding Shawl by Sandy Terp: This is a large, advanced project using the Russian shawl techniques. The six foot square shawl could be for a wedding or for a baby Christening. There is ample garter stitch ground to put in names or initials and I give you directions for the carried eyelet to do so. Spiral Bound, 25 pages, 2006 $20
  12. Managing Director
    Flora's Wrap Shawl by Sandy Terp: Flora is the Goddess of flowers, this shawl demonstrates the use of texture patterns in lace fabric using a flower theme. It also teaches the "Three Triangle" construction. Spiral Bound, 30 pages, 2006 $20
  13. Managing Director
    $10 Each: Springtime Egg Covers-patterns for six egg covers, a basket and a covered dish. Charting Made Short and Sweet-this is an introduction to charting and recharting lace knitting patterns. Holiday Treats-Gifts and decorations to celebrate the season. Endless Edgings-this is a flip book that allows you to see and chart edgings by dividing them into sections that can be interchanged. Many Hearts-learn six ways to shape lace hearts and two lace envelopes to display them, a heart bookmark and baby hat.
  14. Managing Director
    Victorian Garden Party Accessories by Sandy Terp: Join us in an elegant fantasy and attend an elegant garden party wearing your lacy hat and finger less mitts. You will be wearing your best dress with a collar that sets it off perfectly. Don’t forget your flirting fan! The hat uses bedspread cotton (about size 5), the mitts use size 20 cotton and the collar is made with size 10 cotton. Size 20 is used again for the fan. Suitable for the intermediate lace knitter. Garden Party Pattern $20 $3 shipping if ordered alone.
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