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Chart Keeper
$15 for Small / $20 for Large
Here is the answer you have been looking for! The attractive fabric covers a easel that will hold your charts at an angle that is comfortable. It is a magnetic board with spot and strip magnets. And there is a pocket and even a pen. Snaps hold it closed or open. They can be turned so the long side is vertical. Choose from several fabrics. In additional to the “ aspire” with its red flowers, there is “navy” with bands of red and blue patterns, a green stripe, a white with black design, and solid black. Two sizes: small 10” by 12”   $15.  Or choose the large, 12” by 20”  $20         Shipping is $5 for one or two—you will want two.
To order: e-mail [email protected] or call (610) 421- 8357