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Knitted Lace in White by Sonja Esbensen
KNITTED LACE IN WHITE by Sonja Esbensen. Another wonderful lace knitter and designer who has passed on. I love Sonja's first two books and so I am delighted to offer you this third one.

These are her designs. She uses a form of charting very much like my Lace Shorthand. Read bottom up and right to left, the instructions are on one line using symbols but no little boxes. I think that once you use this form of charting, you will rechart to this system. For the most complicated of the designs it is the only way to do.

It is in English with row by row directions, although she does use symbols. I cannot think of a better book for the beginner who is ready to try something a little bit more advanced. The pictures of the stitches couldn't be clearer and the designs are not your usual, see- them-everywhere, patterns.
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