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Markers & Row Counters
$3 Row Counter | $6 Plastic Markers | $1 Pin Markers
The row counter pictured goes on your finger and keeps the number for you. It is easy to push the count button as you start a new row. The little button clears it. Only $3

There are two ways I use the plastic markers. When I need lots of markers for just a little while they provide a choice of colors. I am working on a shawl now that has many motifs scattered. I don't think I could do it without these little plastic rings. The other use is when I want to mark a stitch within the knitting-not on the needle. I just slip it over the stitch and cut it out later. These come in a handy container that contains 100 and sells for $6.

You have probably used coil-less safety pins. Trouble with these is that thin threads catch on the closure and the shape does not sit nicely on the needle.
Our pin markers are "Christmas ball" shaped with the closure at the top. Use them as markers on the needle, round shape over the needle, or pin them on the fabric to mark a place that needs attention on the next round. Or pin them on the front side of the work. It is easy to make them special with a bead if you want. You get 20 Pin Markers on a safety pin to keep them handy for only $1.

Shipping is free for these tools with any order. Or pay $3 for shipping of any number of these tools.
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