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Three Times A Lady Shawl by Sandy Terp
$20 Spiral Bound Pattern

Three Times A Lady Shawl Pattern by Sandy Terp : This shawl is named "Three Three Times A Lady Shawl by Sandy Terp: after the Lionel Richie song and the symbolism represents the three phases of a woman's life. The construction is the three-triangle method I have developed. The basic shape is a triangle that has an unfinished bottom point. From a practical point of view, this eliminates the awkward long point. Symbolically it shows unfinished or unrealized parts of a woman’s life. Spiral Bound, 20 pages, 2007 

Three Times a Lady has been revised in 2018! It now has a better start giving a gentle curve to the back of the neck. It is a symbolic representative of a love song written to a woman loved in all three stages of her life. The pattern is $20 or just $10 if you have bought the original one at any time in the last 20 years. I used less than 5 ounces of wool/silk. It can be worked in any lace weight yarn and takes about 1200 yards.
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