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Violets For Your Furs Shawl by Sandy Terp
$20 - Spiral Bound Pattern
This is a new shaping in a new pattern with some sure-to-be-new stitches.  The shaping is one I call "semi-circle-plus".  It is about 2/3rds of a circle.  Back and forth knitting, no need to fold it to wear, it shows off the pattern wonderfully.  The pattern is adapted from a Japanese circular pattern.  A couple of the stitches were new to me. 

The title is from a song by Thomas Adair and Matt Dennis, sung by Frank Sinatra:

I bought you violets for your furs
And there was blue in the wintery sky
Then you pinned my violets to your furs
And gave a lift to the crowds passing by
You smiled at me so sweetly
Since then one thought occurs
That we fell in love completely
The day I bought you violets for your furs
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